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Zhvania, Mzia G. and Ksovreli, Mariam and Japaridze, Nadezhda J. and Lordkipanidze, Tamar (2015) Ultrastructural changes to rat hippocampus in pentylenetetrazol- and kainic acid-induced status epilepticus: A study using electron microscopy. Micron, 74. pp. 22-29. ISSN 25978010


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Gegelashvili, Georgi (2017) The beta-lactam Clavulanic Acid without Antibacterial Activity Mediates Glutamate Transport-sensitive Pain-relief in the Chronic Constriction Injury Rat Model of Neuropathic Pain. FIP-PSWC 2017 Congress Publications, 1. pp. 1-3.

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Zhvania, Mzia G and Japaridze, Nadezhda and Ksovreli, M (2013) Effect of dofferent forms of hypokinesia on the ultrastructure of ral limbic, extrapyramidal and neocrotical regions: electron microscopic study. In: International Mulotidisciplinary Microscopy Congress. Proceedings. Spinger Proceeding in Physics, England , pp. 221-227.

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Zhvania, Mzia G and Japaridze, Nadezhda and Qsovreli, MG and Okuneva, VG and Surmava, AG and Lordkipanidze, Tamar (2014) The neuronal porosome complex in mammalian brain: A study using electron microscopy study (Chapter 3). In: Nanocell Biology – Multimodal imaging in biology and medicine. Pan Stanford Publishing, pp. 85-131. ISBN 9789814411806

Zhvania, Mzia G and Ksovreli, Mariam and Japaridze, Nadejda and Lordkipanidze, Tamar (2015) Ultrastructural changes to Rat hippocampus in pentylenetetrazol- and kainic acid-induced status epilepticus: a study using electron microscopy. Micron. ISSN JMIC-D-15-00052R1

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