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Beradze, Guram G. and Shanshiashvili, Lali and Chogovadze, Isolda S. and Kalandadze, Irina V. and Oniani, Nikoloz T. and Ramsden, J.J. and Mikeladze, David (2010) Toluene induced changes in excitatory amino acid metabolism during the sleep– wakefulness cycle. Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry, 10. pp. 96-101. ISSN 1512-0856

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Gegelashvili, Georgi (2017) Glutamate Transporters as Signaling Units in Neuron-Glia Cross-Talk. Neurochemistry, 2. pp. 186-187.

Gegelashvili, Georgi (2017) The beta-lactam Clavulanic Acid without Antibacterial Activity Mediates Glutamate Transport-sensitive Pain-relief in the Chronic Constriction Injury Rat Model of Neuropathic Pain. FIP-PSWC 2017 Congress Publications, 1. pp. 1-3.

Japaridze, NJ and Okuneva, VG and Qsovreli, MG and Surmava, AG and Lordkipanidze, TG and Kiladze, Maia and Zhvania, Mzia G Hypokinetic stress and neuronal porosome complex in the rat brain: the electron microscopic study. Micron, 43 (9). pp. 948-953. ISSN 0968-4328

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Kotaria, Nato and Zhvania, Mzia G and Kiladze, Maia and Japaridze, Nadezhda and Solomonia, Revaz and Bikashvili, Tamar and Bolkvadze, Tamar (2013) Effect of Myo-inositol treatment on hippocampal cell loss triggered by kainic acid induced status epilepticus: light and electron microscope studies. Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology, 33 (5). pp. 659-671. ISSN 0272-4340

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Kunchulia, Marika and Bolkvadze, Tamar and Zhvania, Mzia G and Kotaria, Nato and Kiladze, Maia (2010) Effects of oxytocin on behaviour and memory in rats subjected to chronic restrained stress. Georgian Med News, 187. pp. 56-60. ISSN 1512-0112

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Makashvili, Malkhaz (2009) Interhemispheric transfer of kinesthetic information and line bisection task performance in patient with callosal agenesis. Georgian Med News..

Morellini, Fabio and Lepsveridze, Eka and Kaehler, B and Dityatev, Alexander and Schachner, Melitta (2007) Reduced reactivity to novelty, impaired social behavior, and enhanced basal synaptic excitatory activity in perforant path projections to the dentate gyrus in young adult mice deficient in the neural cell adhesion molecule CHL1. Mol Cell Neurosci. , 34 (2). pp. 121-136.

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Solomonia, Revaz and Mikautadze, Eka and Nozadze, Maia and Kutchiashvili, Nino and Lepsveridze, Eka and Kiguradze, Tamar (2010) Myo-inositol treatment prevents biochemical changes triggered by kainate-induced status epilepticus. Neurosci Lett., 468 (3). pp. 277-281.

Solomonia, Revaz and Nozadze , Maia and Kuchiashvili, Nino and Bolkvadze, Tamar and Kiladze, Maia and Zhvania, Mzia G and Kiguradze, Tamar and Pkhakadze , Viktoria (2007) Effect of myo-inositol on convulsions induced by pentylenetetrazole and kainic acid in rats. Bull Exp Biol Med., 43 (1). pp. 58-60. ISSN 0007-4888

ZUBITASHVILI, GIORGI and QOBELASHVILI, DAREJAN and Chkhikvishvili, Marina (2013) Predominant influence of the age and/ or the performed work on the functional system recovery. Journal of Physical Education and Sport (13(2)). pp. 163-165. ISSN online ISSN: 2247 - 806X; p-ISSN: 2247 – 8051; ISSN - L = 2247 - 8051 © JPES

Zhvania, Mzia G and Bolkvadze, Tamar and Chkhikvishvili, Tsiala and Kotariia, Nato and Dzhaparidze, N and Lordkipanidze , T and Bikashvili, Tamar (2009) Quantitative analysis of gliocytes and macrogliocyte-neuronal ratio in the rat hippocampus after kindling. Morfologiia, 136 (5). pp. 18-21. ISSN 1026-3543

Zhvania, Mzia G and Bolqvadze, Tamar and Solomonia, Revaz and Kuchiashvili, Nino and Japaridze, Nadezhda (2008) Effect of acoustic stimulation on GABAergic neurons in limbic structures of krushinskii-molodkina rats. Bull Exp Biol Med, 145 (4). 398 -400. ISSN 0007-4888

Zhvania, Mzia G and Chilachava, Lela R and Japaridze, Nadezhda and Gelazonia, Lia and Lordkipanidze, Tamar (2012) Immediate abd persisting effect of toluene chronic exposure on hippocampal cell loss in adolescent and adult rats. Brain Research Bulletin, 87 (3-4). pp. 187-192. ISSN 0361-9230

Book Section

Solomonia, Revaz and Lepsveridze, Eka and Kiguradze, Tamar and Nozadze, Maia (2013) Inositols and epilepsy. In: Inositol Synthesis, Functions and Clinical implications. NOVA BIOMEDICAL, New York, pp. 105-127.

Zhvania, Mzia G and Japaridze, Nadezhda and Chilachava, Lela R and Dashniani, Manana G and Bikashvili, Tamar and Gelazonia, Lia K and Burjanadze, Maia A (2013) Immediate and persisting effect of toluene chronic exposure on hippocampal cell loss, learning and memory in adolescent and adult rats. In: Toluene. Chemical Properties, Applications and Toxicology. Chemistry Research and Applications . Nova Science Publishers, New York, USA. ISBN 978-1-62808-740-6

Conference or Workshop Item

Gegelashvili, Georgi and Bjerrum, Ole Jannik (2015) Functional Cross-Talk Between Different Systems of Glutamate Transport and Metabolism in the Spinal Cord. In: Glia Amino Acid Transporters in Health and Disease, 2015, Atlanta, Georgia.


Lepsveridze, Eka (2006) Synaptic transmission and plasticity in major excitatory hippocampal synapses of L1 conditional and CHL1 constitutive knockout mice (mus musculus L., 1758). სადოქტორო thesis, Ilia State University.

ზუბიტაშვილი, გიორგი (2012) ძიუდოისტთა სპორტული ფუნქციონირების პარამეტრები. სადოქტორო thesis, ილიას სახელმწიფო უნივერსიტეტი.


Гигинеишвили, Циури (1981) исследование количесева цитоплазматическои рак и сухого веса нервных и глялных клеток при развитии корковои активности. Тбилиси. (Unpublished)

Гловели, Тенгиз (1981) Роль афферентных систем в формировании неироннои активности гипокампа. Тбилиси. (Unpublished)

Кецховели, Элисо (1975) Пигменты коры и древесины. Тбилиси. (Unpublished)

Моцкобили, Р.А. (1989) Влияние корневого питания на морозоустойчивость мандарина уншиу. Тбилиси. (Unpublished)

Чичинадзе, Анзор (1985) Влияние микроэлементов (Бор и Медь) на некоторые физиологические показатели и урожайность тыквы. Тбилиси. (Unpublished)

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