Photoelectric observations of δ Scuti / δ Scuti –ს ფოტოელექტრული დაკვირვებანი

Nikonov, V.B. and ნიკონოვი, ვ. and Никонов, В.Б. (1938) Photoelectric observations of δ Scuti / δ Scuti –ს ფოტოელექტრული დაკვირვებანი. აბასთუმნის ასტროფიზიკური ობსერვატორიის ბიულეტენი / Bulletin of the Abastumani Astrophysical Observatory (3). pp. 27-29.


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Basing on photoelectric observations made with the 12-inch refractor of tin Lick Observatory in 1935 E. A. Fath found that the star δ Scuti has a light-curve of variable amplitude, such as 12 Lacertae. Additional observations made by K. A. Fath in 1936 established that the observed variations of the light-curve may be explained by the interference of a second periodic light variation. The values 0d.19377 and 0d.20120 were given by E. A. Fath for the primary and secondary periods, respectively. According to E. A. Fath's program the parallel observations of this star were to take place between July, 5 and August 4, 1938. However, owing to unfavourable circumstances our electrophotoinetcr could be set to work on July 10 only. Moreover, an unusual great cloudiness during the period from July 10 to August 5 prevented us from making regular observations. As a result of all the above said we could observe on the 7 nights only. The stellar electrophotometer with a thermonic amplifier and the poatssiam-hydride phtoelectric cell were the same as those used in 1937. To calculate the correction for absorption we used the curves drawn on the basis of Bemporad's table. The observarvation were carried on down to Zenith distance about 70. The results of observations are listed in Table I containing the heliocentric Julian moments, corresponding to the middle of observation on δ Scuti, the brightness difference between δ and α Scuti, the sign being positive, if δ Scuti is brighter than α Scuti, and the number of sets forming the given observation. August, 1938

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