Спектрогелиоскопические наблюдения на горе Канобили / Spectrohelioscopic observations on mount Kanobili

Zakharin, K.G. and ზახარინი, კ. and Захарин, К.Г. (1938) Спектрогелиоскопические наблюдения на горе Канобили / Spectrohelioscopic observations on mount Kanobili. აბასთუმნის ასტროფიზიკური ობსერვატორიის ბიულეტენი / Bulletin of the Abastumani Astrophysical Observatory (3). pp. 31-49.


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In March, 1937 at the Abastumani Observatory a Hale spectrohelioscope made by Howell and Sherburne (Pasadena) has been erected. Unfortunately, the construction and execution of the instrument are not satisfactory. The slockwork does not secure the adequate work of the coelostat and the use of the heliographic attachement is rendered extremely difficult. The tables given below contain the results of observations made between September, 1, 1937, and July 1, 1938. The table of quiescent phenomena and prominences and that of eruptive ones are given separately. The group of quiescent phenomena Includes: the bright flocculi (Cφ) and the dark flocculi (Tφ) and the filaments (B). The form of prominence (f) is characterized by indices, having the following meaning: 1 - grosslike, trailing; 2 — compact, nearing the shape of a semicircle; 3 - ramified; 4 - arch-shaped; 5 - detached. The coordinates φ and I are given in Carrington's system. The position angles -p are reckoned from N to W. The area of details (S) is expressed in millionth part , of the hemisphere surface of the Sun. The intensity - I is estimated visually using a five-point scale. t1 and t2 is the mean Greenwich time corresponding to the begin and the end of observation. The quality of the image and the intensity of the nimbus (q and h) are given on a five—point scale (5 corresponds to the best image; o — to the absence of the nimbus). For eruptive prominences we give also the radial velocity Vr in km/sec, the negative sign corresponding to the motion toward the observer. The observations were carried out by K. G. Zakharin and Sh. M. Chkhaidse. July, 1958

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