Armenians in the Making of Modern Georgia

Blauvelt, Timothy და Berglund, Christofer (2016) Armenians in the Making of Modern Georgia. In: Armenians in Post-Socialist Europe. Armenier im östlichen Europa (3). Böhlau-Verlag. ISBN 3412501557


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While sharing a common ethnic heritage and national legacy, and an ambiguous status in relation to the Georgian state and ethnic majority, the Armenians in Georgia comprise not one, but several distinct communities with divergent outlooks, concerns, and degrees of assimilation. There are the urbanised Armenians of the capital city, Tbilisi, as well as the more agricultural circle of Armenians residing in the Javakheti region in southwestern Georgia. Notwithstanding their differences, these communities have both helped shape modern Armenian political and cultural identity, and still represent an intrinsic part of the societal fabric in Georgia.

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