Опредеение температуры новой геркулеса методом Zanstra / The temperature of Nova Herculis determined by the method of Zantra

Vashakidze, M.A. and ვაშაკიძე, მ. and Вашакидзе, М.А. (1940) Опредеение температуры новой геркулеса методом Zanstra / The temperature of Nova Herculis determined by the method of Zantra. აბასთუმნის ასტროფიზიკური ობსერვატორიის ბიულეტენი / Bulletin of the Abastumani Astrophysical Observatory (4). pp. 87-97.


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Zanstra's method has been applied to determine the temperature of Nova Herculis in the nebular stage. The four Spectrograms used were obtained on the 40-inch reflector of the Simeis Observatory on 2/1, 22/11, 23/III and 5/lV, 1935. On the spectrograms of 8/I, 22/II, 23/III a continuous spectrum is present, therefore it is possible to determine the temperature with considerable certainty according to the emissions of the Balmer series. The obtained value of temperature is equal to 14.700 - 19.000°. On the spectrogram of 5/VI the continuous spectrum is not perceptible, the temperature is determined by the forbidden lines [OIII] and [NIII] λ5755. The obtained value of temperature equals 20.000—20.600°. The difficulty in estimating A, caused by the absence of the continuous spectrum, has been avoided by supposing that the galvauometric value corresponds to the least visible blackness. But in reality there is on blackness at all in the continuous spectrum, and the obtained values of An as well as the corresponding values of temperature are the lower limits only. Therefore the value of temperature for the nebular lines, obtained by the author from the spectrogram of 5/IV, ought to be considered as the lower limit. Table X gives the comparison between the author's results and other data. The value of temperature obtained by Z a n s t r a's method is considerably less than that obtained by the method of Ambarzumian and Stoy. In future, when applying Zanstra's method to the nebular stage of N o v a, it will be necessary to take the continuous spectrum into account with more precision. June, 1939

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