Фотоэлектрические наблюдения P Cygni в 1936 и 1937 г.г. / Photoelectric Observations of P Cygni in 1935 and 1937

Никонов, В.Б. and Nikonov, V.B. (1938) Фотоэлектрические наблюдения P Cygni в 1936 и 1937 г.г. / Photoelectric Observations of P Cygni in 1935 and 1937. აბასთუმნის ასტროფიზიკური ობსერვატორიის ბიულეტენი / Bulletin of the Abastumani Astrophysical Observatory (2). pp. 23-28.


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The changes of brightness of P Cygni, found in 1935, induced us to resume the observations of this star in 1936 and 1957. The Guthnick photoelectric photometer served as before for observations made in 1936. In 1937 a new electrophotometer, constructed by the author in collaboration with P. G. Kulikovsky, was used. In the new electrophotometer (mounted in the Nasmith focus of the 13-inch reflector) the photoelectric current is measured with a mirror galvanometer after being amplified in an amplifier assembled according to the DuBridge Brow n scheme. The potassium hydride photoelectric cell, furnished by Günther and Tegetmeyer, used in precedent years, served also in 1937. The observations of P Cygni were carried out in the following succession: P Cygni - comparison star - P Cygni - comparison star. The observation of each star consisted on the average of 5 galvanometric deflections, while for a complete set of brightness determinations 20 deflections were required. As comparison stars served b3 Cygni and HD 193369 in 1936 and b3 Cygni in 1937. The observations are all reduced to b3 Cygni. The results obtained are given in Table I, containing in subsequent columns the heliocentric Julian Dates of the moments of observation, the difference of brightness between P Cygni and b3 Cygni and the number of complete sets of observations forming the given difference of brightness. On Fig. 1 the results are presented graphically. It can be seen that during the periods of observation in 1936 and 1937 the chances of brightness of P Cygni have become less conspicuous, than they were in 1935. The variations of brightness observed in 1937, though very small, seem to be quite real became the error of determination of brightness difference P Cygni –b3, Cygni for a single night does not exceed 0^m.006. November, 1937

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