ZZ Persei. Photographic Light-curve and Elements / ZZ Persei. ფოტოგრაფიული სიკაშკაშის მრუდი და ელემენტები.

Bodokia, V.M. and ბოდოკია, ვ. (1937) ZZ Persei. Photographic Light-curve and Elements / ZZ Persei. ფოტოგრაფიული სიკაშკაშის მრუდი და ელემენტები. აბასთუმნის ასტროფიზიკური ობსერვატორიის ბიულეტენი / Bulletin of the Abastumani Astrophysical Observatory (1). pp. 29-33.


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The star ZZ Persei was discovered in 1922. It has been observed by Nakamura and Martinov and was supposed to belong to the RR Lyrae type stars. On the suggestion of B.V. Kukarkin, who had ground to believe that ZZ Persei was of the W Ursae Majoris type, we undertook the observations of this star. In the beginning of 1935 about 120 photographic images of ZZ Persei were obtained on Ilford Monarch plates (emulsion 6428 A). Considering the faintness of this star and the necessity of using a special light filter to avoid the the orthochromatic effect of the above plates, exposures of 20 and 25 minutes were made. In November 1935 photographic observations of ZZ Persei were resumed, our aim being this time to draw a definite light-curve and to determine the elements of the star. By December 22, 1935, 300 images (Fulgur-plates, emulsion 60187) were taken, 284 of which were used for measurements. For the Fulgur plates 5 minute exposires proved to be quite sufficient. A long exposures like these may affect the results of observations of such a short period stars as ZZ Persei. Owing to all these circumstances, and a very small range of light variation besides, it was impossible to obtain a definite light-curve on the basis of this material. The reduction of this material in 1935 merely showed that the star is of the W Ursae Majoris and not of RR Lyrae type, as indicated in Prager's Katalog and Ephemeriden V.S., 1935. Examination of the curve derived showed a very small correction of the period which could be neglected. The results also confirmed that ZZ Persei is a β Lyrae type star. The photographic observations were conducted mostly by M. Zarandia and K.G. Zakharin. The plates were measured by E. Dolidse and M. Zarandia. January, 1936

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