Platanthera kuenkelei sl auf Sardinien und in Georgien, eine für Europa neue Art–ein Beitrag zu ihrer Taxonomie

Lorenz, Richard და Akhalkatsi, Maia და Baumann, H. (2012) Platanthera kuenkelei sl auf Sardinien und in Georgien, eine für Europa neue Art–ein Beitrag zu ihrer Taxonomie. Journal Europäischer Orchideen, 44 (1). С. 3-62. ISSN 0945 -7909

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Detailed morphological investigations of a Platanthera-species, recently reported as new for Sardinia and the second on this island after P. algeriensis, have been carried out in comparison to central, northwest and north European P. bifolia s.l., Caucasian subsp. atropatanica and central European P. chlorantha. The results confirm its affinity to North African P. kuenkelei subsp. kuenkelei, recently shown by molecular genetic investigations carried out by the working group of Cozzolino/Naples, as well as to the Caucasian subsp. atropatanica and overall justify the attribution of both to P. kuenkelei as var. sardoa or respectively as subsp. atropatanica. This species, extremely rare in Sardinia and North Africa, is severely endangered by heavy grazing in this regions, less but still to some extent in the Caucasus too. Conservation of the Sardinian population through suitable protection measures is strongly recommended. Furthermore multivariate analysis does not confirm a recently proposed separation of European P. bifolia L. above variety level based on morphometric data.

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