Faisons l'éloge à notre diversité linguistique

ჯაში, ქეთევანი (2012) Faisons l'éloge à notre diversité linguistique. ელექტრონული ვერსია. (გაგზავნილია გამოსაქვეყნებლად)

მოცემული მასალის ბოლო ვერსია.

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Human creativity has enriched nature’s diversity by producing distinct civilizations and cultures. We all together form a big human family. Good neighboring relationships and friendly coexistence do not eliminate our differences and do not diminish our variety. Linguistic diversity is the result of existence of various and multiple languages in the world since the origins of humanity. The problems of globalization played a big role in the elaboration of a new policy in Georgia. Striving of Georgia towards Europe has required the implementation of effective reforms in all fields. Nowadays the success of the diplomatic openness largely depends on capacity-building and training of national contingent to the extent that they meet the standards and competences recognized at European and international levels. It is cultural diversity and linguistics which is at the base of education of the Georgians. The role of translation is immense in bringing together various civilizations. Cultural problems are among the difficulties most often mentioned in relation to translation. This is especially pronounced in political texts. An incorrect interpretation of a political text can distort the facts and reality given in the original text.

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