Some Experimental Signatures of the Standing Wave Braneworld

Midodashvili, Pavle და Gogberashvili, Merab (2013) Some Experimental Signatures of the Standing Wave Braneworld. In: Physics in the LHC era, 14-18 October 2013, Georgia, Tbilisi.

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We introduce the new 5D braneworld with the real scalar field in the bulk. The model represents the brane which bounds collective oscillations of standing gravitational and scalar fields waves in the bulk. These waves are out of phase, i.e. the energy of oscillations passes back and forth between the scalar and gravitational waves. We investigate two limiting cases depending on the values of the width of the brane and of the size of the horizon in extra space. When the amplitude of the standing waves is small these sizes coincide. In the case of large oscillations it is shown that the mass of the lightest KK mode is determined by the smaller scale, which corresponds to the horizon size. So KK modes can be born in accelerators at relatively low energies, what gives a chance to check the present model.

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