Les assemblages lithiques du Paleolithique Moyen de Georgie

Pleurdeau , David და Touchabramichvili, Nikolas და Nioradze , Medea და de Lumley , Henry და Lordkipanidze , David (2007) Les assemblages lithiques du Paleolithique Moyen de Georgie. L'Anthropologie, 111 (3). С. 400-431. ISSN 0003-5521

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Georgia is a privileged geographical crossroads, which has been the passage of human populations throughout Quaternary. In particular, the vestiges left by the men of the Middle Paleolithic during the end of the Middle Pleistocene and the beginning of Upper Pleistocene show the cultural convergences and contacts,which could have been occurred in the area.Many sites allowed the discovery of lithic assemblages with distinct typotechnological characteristics, but often based on a common cognitive and technical base. The present analysis is a descriptive technological approach of lithic industries of the principal sites of Georgia. It is the first step of a large study, which will allow integrating Georgia in the regional display of the technical and cultural influences, in order to apprehend the specificity of Transcaucasie in all these alternatives.

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