Anurans of Borjomi Canyon: clutch parameters and guild structure

Tarkhnishvili, David (1993) Anurans of Borjomi Canyon: clutch parameters and guild structure. Alytes, 11 (4). С. 140-154. ISSN 0753-4973

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Spawn clutches of six anuran species, inhabiting Borjomi Canyon in central Georgia, were examined: Rana macrocnemis, Bufo [bufo] verrucosissimus, Pelodytes caucasicus, Rana ridibunda, Bufo viridis and Hyla arborea. The first three species constitute the guild of Brown Anura associated with forest and have the same spawning mode: females deposit a single clutch per year. The other three species prefer open areas and have multiple spawns. Brown Anura have larger eggs, and probably lower fecundity, than other amphibians of similar body size. Within the Brown Anura guild, different species show the same relationships of fecundity, egg size and clutch size with body length. Within the guild, lower fecundity and smaller eggs in species with smaller body size are compensated by rapid maturation. Among guilds, egg size is inversely correlated with fecundity.

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