Additional Odonata records from Georgia, southern Caucasus eco­-region, with the first record of Ischnura fountaineae (Odonata: Coenagrionidae)

Seehausen, M და Schröter, A და Mumladze, Levan და Grebe, B (2016) Additional Odonata records from Georgia, southern Caucasus eco­-region, with the first record of Ischnura fountaineae (Odonata: Coenagrionidae). Notulae Odonatologicae, 8 (8). С. 247-318.


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Records of 57 odonate species group taxa obtained at 76 sampling sites during several field surveys between 2012 and 2016 are presented, corresponding to more than three quarters of the Georgian odonate fauna. Ischnura fountaineae is a new addition to the coun try's list. Sympetrum arenicolor was recorded for the second time and Aeshna serrata was found at two further lakes on the Javakheti volcanic plateau. For other species, such as Cordulia aenea and Leucorrhinia pectoralis only very limited and mainly old data was available. In addition, new records for Coenagrion ponticum, an endemic of the Caucasus region, as well as for Coenagrion pulchellum and C. scitulum, both rare in the Caucasus region, are given. Further information on the globally threatened gomphids Onychogomphus assimilis and O. flexuosus are presented, including the first exuviae records of the latter in Georgia. New findings of the nominate taxon of Sympetrum vulgatum provided indications on regional distribution pattern and spatial delimitation from ssp. decoloratum. Further records of Pantala flavescens suggested rather regular occurrence in Georgia, being an integral part of the Georgian dragonfly fauna. The existence of small isolated pockets of Calopteryx splendens ssp. tschaldirica inside the core area of ssp. intermedia in Georgia was confirmed as well as several individuals of ssp. tschaldirica from the Georgian stronghold of the taxon in the Javakheti volcanic plateau showing entirely hyaline wings, phenotypically resembling ssp. waterstoni. Against the background of general taxonomic difficulties with the Calopteryx splendens taxa complex, both phenomena are discussed.

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