Geology and Mineral Occurrences of the Eastern Greater Caucasus, Georgia Segment

Okrostsvaridze, Avtandil და Gagnidze, Nona და Boichenko, Giorgi (2016) Geology and Mineral Occurrences of the Eastern Greater Caucasus, Georgia Segment. Journal of International Geoscience "EPISODES" (2). С. 47-56.

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The eastern part of the Caucasus orogen,termed the Georgian segment, is mainly underlain by highly deformed Lower-Middle Jurassic shales, sandstones, and volcaniclastic rocks, and cut by numerous intrusive bodies of various compositions. All units contain a variety of mineral deposit types and their surrounding zones of hydrothermal alteration. Detailed geological and metallogenic research, after 30 years stagnation, has led to important new information regarding the evolution of this region. Three main stages of magmatic activity are now clearly distinguished, the oldest magmatism comprises early Jurassic events, related to extensional tectonism, with volcanism and subvolcanic plutonism that ranged from rhyolitic, through dacitic and andesitic, and to basaltic. Additional extensional processes (in the Bajocian time) were characterized by intrusion of a gabbro and diorite dike system into slightly older late Early Jurassic-early Middle Jurassic formations. The final magmatic event was associated with Middle Jurassic folding and uplift during which multiphase diorite plutons were emplaced; Intense hydrothermal activity related to this latest magmatism was responisble for important polymetallic mineralization including more than 100 historicly recognized outcropping occurrences. A detailed study of 11of the more significant of these occurrences has indicated anomalous concentrations of base metals as well as gold, thorium, yttrium, cobalt, cadmium, and bismuth. In addition, several new and potentially significant mineral occurrences were discovered, including two designated here as Gelia and Lechuri.

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