The Georgian Verb

Makharoblidze, Tamar (2012) The Georgian Verb. LINCOM EUROPA, Germany. ISBN 9783862882960.


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The Georgian Verb gives full information about Georgian verbal categories and all possible variations of verbal conjugation often not covered by other grammars. The Georgian verbal system creates a very specific system of split ergativity in Georgian syntax exposing many categories with their morphological references inside one verbal form. This micro syntactic verbal system may have personal markers for the subject, the direct and indirect object objects including the inversion of these markers for transitive verbs in some rows of conjugation. The verb can also have thematic markers, markers of version, causation, voice and finally, the markers of the conjugation rows include the markers of tenses and mood. This complexity of the Georgian verb is well exposed in this book. The poly-personal verbal categories are briefly described in a way that is easy to understand. This book presents the first occasion of Georgian verbal conjugation exposing a combination of multiple verbal persons within a single verb in convenient easy to read tables. One can see how the subject, direct and indirect object act together within each verb with different forms of verbal tenses, version, voice and causation. All general models of these fully exposed diverse types of conjugations include both frequently used regular and irregular verbs. Dr. Tamar Makharoblidze is an author of 14 linguistic books and monographs and more that 80 articles. She is one of the best specialists of Georgian studies with a world-wide experience of teaching Georgian in many different Universities. ISBN 9783862882960. LINCOM Studies in Caucasian Linguistics 20. 656pp.2012.

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