Correlation between the Knowledge of Snakes and the Snake Fear

Kaishauri, Nino და Makashvili, Malkhaz (2013) Correlation between the Knowledge of Snakes and the Snake Fear. Asian Jouirnal for Humanities and Social Studies, 01 (03). С. 142-145. ISSN ISSN: 2321 – 2799)

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ABSTRACT— The question addressed in the current study is to what extent factual knowledge of snakes may influence the fear of snake in humans. Academy of Fine Arts students, mean age 18, of both sexes were asked to fulfill two pencil-and-paper questionnaires (Q) consisted of 21 statements referring to the fear of snake (Q-1) and of 28 false statements about snake anatomy and behavior (Q-2). Experimental subjects were asked to agree or disagree with each statement given in Q. All tests were scored according to standardized procedures and the data were entered into an SPSS file for further analysis. Data obtained revealed positive correlation between positive answers (“agree”) in Q-1 and Q-2. Considerably weak but positive correlation was found between negative answers (“do not agree”) in Q-1 and Q-2. Presumably people having superficial (if any) knowledge of snake anatomy and behavior are more afraid of snakes as compared to those possessing correct information about snake biology. The data obtained suggest proper factual knowledge to help reduce the snake fear. Keywords— snake, fear, knowledge

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