English for Receptinists

Rogava, Maya და Rusieshvili, Manana (2008) English for Receptinists. English for...., 2 . British Council, Tbilisi, Georgia. ISBN ISBN 978 - 994 r -404- 29- 0

ტექსტი (English for Receptionists)
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The books are intended for students who specialise in the hospitality field, study at tourism faculties of tertiary institutions. The textbooks serve two purposes: 1. to upgrade general knowledge of English of those who will work in this field in the future; 2. to develop professional language skills by means of close-to-life, authentic texts and dialogues. The textbooks consist of three parts.Number of lessons per part vary from 9 to 12. Each text/dialogue is followed by a number of practical exercises which help students to develop their language competences, activate the specific vocabulary learnt. Overall number of lessons is 33. Level of language used in the textbooks is from intermediate to post-intermediate. The textbooks were piloted in Tbilisi tourism college in January- June 2008.

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