Embryology of Gentiana angulosa and G. pontica (Gentianaceae)

Akhalkatsi, Maia და Gvaladze, Guranda და Gachechiladze, Mzia და Taralashvili, Natela (2004) Embryology of Gentiana angulosa and G. pontica (Gentianaceae). Proceedings of the Georgian Academy of Sciences Biological series B, 2 (1/2). С. 29-34. ISSN 1512 - 2123

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Embryology of two gentians - Gentiana angulosa and G. pontica, has been studied for the first time. They show similar morphology and are considered to be relative species. Embryological study has revealed considerable similarity in structure of reproductive organs of G. angulosa and G. pontica. The common characters are: four-loculate anther; 2-celled mature pollen; superior, cenocarpous and paracarpous ovary; unitegmic, tenuinucellate and anatropous ovule; hypodermal unicellular archesporium; linear tetrad of megaspores; Polygonum type embryo sac; pre-mitotic type of fertilization; nuclear endosperm and Solanad type of embryogenesis. The investigated species differ mainly by two quantitative features – numbers of cell layers in the integument (5-8 in G. angulosa, 9-10 in G. pontica) and the antipodals (3-6 in G. angulosa, 3 in G. pontica). The structural difference is only slightly expressed in seed coat structure, which has taxonomic significance.

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