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The history of chemistry in the service of chemistry education
Ketevan Kupatadze | Ilia State University, Georgia

The article presents author’s multi-media teaching program on school course chemistry. And the plan of integrated chemical-Historical lesson using mentioned program. In scope of this program is shown the ways to integration chemistry with other subjects, e.g. history and arts. All topics in this digital program have they historical background. For example, if we Consider one example about “Water”. What is the water? According to the words of Saint-Exupéry - “The basis of life”, which has special chemical activity. From what it contains? From hydrogen and oxygen. Both have wonderful chemical and historical biography. We have spoken about hydrogen and oxygen which are the parts of water. Hydrogen was discovered in 1766 in London by Cavendish. Oxygen was discovered in 1774 by Priestly and Sheele in towns Lids-Upsala. In the block of history the situation in England and Switzerland and the situation in Georgia will be discussed- what was happening in Georgia at that time, which problems (among them-scientific) were to be solved. Is shown animation of historical chemical experiments. After such integrated lessons pupils have looked at mentioned subject differently, they try to find more information and may be, some of them will find in themselves future chemist, or even historian. They motivation towards chemistry is increased.